Director: Antonio Olmi OP

Editorial Board:
Members of the Department of Systematic Theology of the Theological Faculty of Emilia-Romagna (FTER)

Scientific Board:
Giorgio Carbone OP,
Attilio Carpin OP,
Erio Castellucci,
François Dermine OP,
Daniele Gianotti,
靖保路 Jing Baolu,
Sergio Parenti OP,
Cesare Rizzi,
Marco Salvioli OP,
Rocco Viviano SX

How the value of our articles is guaranteed


  • Articles must not have been previously published elsewhere and must differ significantly and substantially from other material the author may have published.

  • Sacra Doctrina does not consider articles currently submitted to other journals or those that will likely be published as part of a book in the near future.


  • Sacra Doctrina is interested in the advance of catholic theology, from a systematic and intercultural point of view.

  • The main criteria for publication are that a submission be original in its content, rigorous in its reasoning, and clearly understandable to scholars of theological or philosophical studies.


  • Sacra Doctrina accepts English translations of articles published in other languages, if they are considered to have wide appeal and are not readily accessible to the scholarly community.


  • Authors should send electronic files of their papers via e-mail attachment to: antolmiop@gmail.com

  • If the article employs foreign script or diacritics, a .pdf file should also be sent.

  • Please attach as well a brief cover letter, introducing yourself and your topic, and an abstract of about 3000 key-strokes, all-inclusive, written in English (which will be published together with the article).

  • Sacra Doctrina seldom publishes papers longer than about 60,000 key strokes, all-inclusive, if written in Western languages.

  • Authors writing in Western languages are also asked to follow the typographical standards of Edizioni Studio Domenicano, reported in the downloadable document:


  • The article will be submitted to three anonymous reviewers; it will be published if approved by at least two of them.

  • The outcome of the peer review will be passed on to the author, whether or not the essay is accepted.

  • If a submission seems obviously inappropriate to Sacra Doctrina, it may be rejected without entering the review process.

  • Since we depend on peer review by scholars, who are often quite busy, we cannot guarantee a date by which a decision will have been made.

  • We hope to have a decision within three months of the time the essay is submitted.


Copyright of articles published in Sacra Doctrina is held by Edizioni Studio Domenicano. Requests for permission to reprint articles may be sent by mail or e-mail to: Edizioni Studio Domenicano – Via dell’Osservanza, 72 – 40136 Bologna BO – Italia

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